COVID-19 Refund Policy


In the event that COVID-19 affects the ability for the ISHCMC Think BIG 2020 Summer Camp to operate as the published schedule of 5 weeks from 22 June to 24 July 2020, the below refund policy will be applied:


In the event that the refund policy is applied, parents will have the choice of the following:


1:         Return of fees to the sum of 50% for the remaining full weeks of tuition that have been paid (refunded fees will be transferred on or before 27 July 2020)


2:         100% of fees credit for the remaining full weeks of tuition that have been paid. This credit can be applied to the next summer or winter camps by Inspireeducamps at ISHCMC (a credit certificate will be issued for use by parents in any future programme – the credit certificate may be transferred for use by another child at any time)


As you can appreciate, Inspireeducamps activity-based summer and winter camps at ISHCMC are unlike other summer camps at international schools in Ho Chi Minh City.  Due to having multiple departments (Sports, Teambuilding, Cooking and Arts & Crafts) in addition to our usual project and life skills sessions, the cost to design, staff and implement our programmes is much higher than other summer camps.


By accepting our COVID-19 Refund Policy and agreeing to register your child/ren in ISHCMC Think BIG Summer Camp 2020 you are supporting us to continue to provide the best life-skills activity-based learning opportunities for your children.

Steve Lanning – Managing Director, Inspireeducamps